Ultimate Sound System for the iPad

ORA: The Ultimate Sound System for the iPad from ORA on Vimeo.

ORA conveys genuinely immersive sound for your iPad. The quality sound your iPad merits in a perfectly created, go-anyplace plan.


ORA Specs

Sound development.

To accomplish a smaller and light weight outline, ORA utilizes an exhibit of speakers around the presentation. The 18 speakers are confronting the audience and convey more than 6 times the tumult of the ipad. This design diminishes the symphonious contortion level (THD) well beneath focused outlines and brings clarity to voice and instruments.the enhanced speaker arrangement coupled with a Digital Signal Processor control the 4D stereo development in both introductions (representation and scene). This results in a more extensive stereo picture conveying a full immersive experience.

The element range revision controls the 17 Watt top force accessible and matches the speakers’ dynamic reaction. It brings the littlest subtle elements alive while regarding the general clamor. At long last, the parametric equalizer is hand-tuned to upgrade the recurrence reaction at every volume step and guarantees a finer listening knowledge in every condition.

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ORA technical specs.

Novel 18-speaker design for a full immersive stereo field provides 6x the clamor of iPad while keeping up perfectly clear sound.

Stereo sound consequently acclimates to representation and scene mode

Computerized Signal Processing, hand-tuned for ORA upgrades:

  • 4D stereo development for wide stereo sound
  • Parametric adjustment for adjusted highs and lows
  • Element extent control to amplify volume

Coordinated rechargeable Li-Ion battery for up to 10 hours of play time without utilizing your iPad battery

Standard iPad 30-pin connector, including pass-through double charging of iPad and ORA all the while

Private listening with 3.5mm earphone jack

Effectively check your accuse of battery pointer catch and LED

Simple access to volume and force catches

Simple insertion and most extreme security with four quarter-turn latches

Outside measurements and weight:

  • 5″ 1/4 (215.1 mm) x 13″ 3/8 (238.9 mm) x 0.7″ (13.9 mm)
  • ORA STEALTH and ORA POP: 11.8 oz. (335 g)
  • ORA Limited: 12.8 oz. (332 g)

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ORA Lifestyle

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ORA Product Gallery

Wonderfully composed
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Created by our recompense winning outline group utilizing true, premium materials, ORA looks tantamount to it sounds. A coordinated item that fits your way of life and welcomes you to reveal to it off. A shocking match that supplements and upgrades your iPad.

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